Deep Water Moorings in Poole Harbour

If your boat is up to 45’ you can choose from a mooring from one of our 70 Deep-Water Moorings in many parts of Poole Harbour. These include Lake pier, Hamworthy, near Poole yacht club, Gold point and Holes Bay. All of our moorings are supplied with a chain strop and pick up buoy to ensure hassle free mooring. Our rates are extremely competitive and are calculated according to your exact length.*
Moorings in the main part of the harbour are rented from April to October. Moorings in Holes bay can be rented for 12 months a year.

Winter Moorings

Not sure what to do with your boat during the winter months? Rent a sheltered mooring in Holes Bay from November 1st – March 31st from only £250 including VAT, the cheaper alternative to storage ashore.

Servicing Your Private Mooring

We service and maintain all moorings to a very high standard. Our workboats are equipped with deck cranes so we can easily service your private mooring, and replacing any worn parts with quality chain and tested shackles. Price for a standard service is £76 plus VAT (materials extra).

Laying New Moorings

If you have permission from Poole Harbour Commissioners, we can lay a new mooring for you. We can provide either a solid weight type mooring or ground chain with anchors. Both will be made with quality chain and tested shackles. Please contact us for and accurate quote

Yacht Clubs

We currently service many Yacht Club moorings. Please get in touch if you require more information.


*Minimum length req.